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Pachmarhi Madhya Pradesh

  About Us :-

Pachmarhi Travels is a quality travel service providing company based in Madhya Pradesh State of Central India.
We are working with long term vision, planned strategy and consistent growth rate. Since its inception Indus Excursion has done a appreciable job in the field of Travel & Tourism of Central India. Pachmarhi Travels has developed it own identity and mark through its quality service, skilled staff and innovative ideas. We have thorough experience of serving Inbound Tourists from Europre, United States, United Kingdom, Hong-kong, Serbia, Spain, France, Italy etc. We count our success on the basis of our guest’s satisfaction and feedback reports.


When Pachmarhi Travels began its work, Central India was known for raw potential in Tourism field which was not yet exploited appropriately. Central India has all reason to get prominent place in Tourism map of India but due to lack of professional travel service providers & hospitality sector, it was struggling for its deserving place. But if we look behind, since last two years whole picture has been changed. Now one can have India’s best accommodation in Central India, State Governments have also done a great job in tourism promotion in this region.
After analyzing and evaluating all those factors in mind, Pachmarhi Travels commenced its travel services in Central India with Head Office in Jabalpur city of Madhya Pradesh State in India. Since beginning we put strict quality control in services offered to our guests. We always believes is innovative tourism and innovative services. We have always design our services from guest’s point of view which make him feel as if he is getting personalized services with care.

  Our Team :-

Most of our team members are local. Having localities in our team ensures high moral and high confidence and better control in all the activities. A local person is the most adapted to local situations and have better understanding to tackle any unforeseen situation without any compromise on standard and values. Most of our team-mates have spend decades in Travel industry and poured all the gist of knowledge & experience in their service.

  Our Dream :-

We are working with a theme of creating awareness among tourists for wildlife care which includes environmental protection also. We strongly believes that wildlife is our asset and a gift from our side to our coming generation. All animals are our co-partner in our life-cycle and have equal right to live and share products of this earth.
Indus Excursion is working with a dream to ensure best medical care facilities to animal world like availed to human world. We believe life of every living being is equally important and should be saved at any cost. We have a dream to open a chain of Animal Hospitals through out the India and later expand it to rest of the world. Through travel business we are endeavoring hard to divert money flow for animal’s well being.
We all team members are determined to realize our dream to ensure better medical care facilities to deserving animal world. Life is a Journey and these animals are co-passengers that make our journey colorful and enjoyable.

  Contact Us :-
Pachmarhi Travels
C-3, Kachnar City, Jabalpur,
Madhya Pradesh-482002
Email: info@pachmarhitravels.com
Websites: www.pachmarhitravels.com
Member of: IATO & BNHS
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