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 » Chhota Mahadeo
 » Jata Shankar
 » Dhoopgarh
 » Reechhgarh
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Pachmarhi Madhya Pradesh

 Travel Trip :-

 Journey By Road :
  1. Do not indulge yourself in any kind of illegal activity.
  2. So far possible, avoid late night traveling. It is better start early in morning and reach your destination by day-time.
  3. Keep a road map with yourself.
  4. Do not give lift to strangers.
  5. Carry first aid box with medicines for sudden illness like diarrhea, common-cold etc.
  6. Take meals only at good restaurants on the highway and use safe drinking water.
  7. Carry sufficient quantity of drinking water with you.
  8. Always keep some eatables with you till you reach your destination.
  9. Avoid quarrel with other persons and drivers on way.
  10. Avoid un-necessary stopping in mid-way and in lonely places.
  11. Do not accept eatables from strangers.
  12. Carry torch, compass etc. with your-self.
  13. Before starting try to take note of length of journey, time expected to cover, road conditions etc.
  14. Beware of pick-pocketers in public places.
  15. Follow guidelines of your tour operator.
 Trevel Tips For Journey By Rail :
  1. Before leaving for your embarkation station, verify whether train is on time or not.
  2. It is better to reach embarkation station at least 30-minutes before arrival of train and go through reservation-chart or consult enquiry-counter to re-confirm your seat/birth number.
  3. In platform always pay attention to important announcements announced time to time.
  4. In train, for any kind of enquiry, consult Train Conductor (TC).
  5. Do not accept food from strangers howsoever good looking or friendly he/she is.
  6. If possible, carry a chain & lock to tie up your luggage with the seat.
  7. So far possible, reduce the number of loose items during journey.
  8. Be watchful on your baggage at stations and throughout the journey. Do not leave your baggage in the custody of strangers.
  9. Always keep some eatables and drinking water with you up to the end of your journey.
  10. Carry medicines for sudden illness like diarrhea, common cold etc.
  11. Do not discuss money matters within the hearing distance of strangers.
  12. Beware of pick-pocketers in public places.
  13. Do not carry inflammables.
  14. Travel with proper tickets and do not buy tickets from unauthorized sources.
  15. Follow instructions issued by Railway department.
 Air Journey
  1. Before leaving for your embarkation airport, verify whether flight is on time or not.
  2. Reach at the airport well before time. Any unexpected traffic jam on way can make you lose your flight. It is advisable to check-in at least 45-60 minutes before the actual departure of flight.
  3. To the possible extent travel with light and necessary hand baggage in the cabin.
  4. Do not leave your valuables unattended even during flying or going to toilet etc.
  5. Travel Light - instead of one large bag, pack two smaller bags. This will distribute the weight equally when you carry your bags and protect you from physical strain.
  6. After a long flight, stretch your arms. legs and back while waiting for your luggage to be unloaded. Always lift your heavy bag from a bent knee position, rather than bending over with your legs straight.
  7. Wear comfortable footwear & clothing.
  8. In case of long distance flights try following measure to save yourself from air sickness:
  1. Don’t sit in a single position for a long time.
  2. Stretch your legs, hands from time to time.
  3. Get up and walk around for some time.
  4. Rotate your head in both clockwise and anti clockwise direction for some time.
 Travel Tips - A World Of Caution :
Travelling out, especially for holidaying, is a great fascination. All family members - ladies and children, expect great thrill. And rightly so, because the main purpose of going out is to get rid of daily chores. boring routine, tight working schedules, long hours, missing meals and so on. From holidays every one of the family has his/her own dream. So detailed planning is done every thing is packed, all schedules worked out, note made of every thing to be seen, to be done. In short, one is mentally attuned to an opportunity of great fun and frolic.
  1. One may lose his luggage. So, the prudent policy would be to keep at least one day's clothing in your hand bag. Especially, during flights, your luggage may not reach destination with you. So be prepared to live for at least one day.
  2. You may lose your flight for any reason. Next flight may not be available immediately. So, keep a contingency plan in mind.
  3. You may lose your struck in a strange place where conveniences of life, food, may not be available.
  4. You may meet with an accident.
  5. You may be pick pocketed. Hence, do not keep all your money at one place. It is a safe policy that every member of the travel party should have some money.
  6. If you are travelling to colder destination, keep warm clothings handy. Nature will not allow you time to unpack your luggage at the destination. People travelling from warm places to colder places generally have this tendency. I got exposure before I could pen my suitcase on reaching Nainital and put on warm wearings.
  7. Avoid travelling to disturbed places.
  8. If you are travelling without hotel reservation, especially during peak seasons, you are inviting trouble. 9. Your vehicle may break down at odd place and at odd time.
  9. You may not get food of your taste.
  10. Titanic may happen to you in any shape. The travellers on `sun Vista' would never have imagined but it did come to them. It is not our intention to scare you. Our sincere desire is to with you a happy journey. But one should be mentally prepared for any eventuality and thank his God for a pleasant and safe trip!
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